Why Your Pet Might Need a Dog Wheelchair

Every living creature ages and with age, issues arise. It’s no fun being a pet parent and realizing that your pet is getting older, slower and growing less motivated. There are things you can do to enhance your senior pet’s life and ease the pain they might be experiencing. Certain breeds are prone to complications early on, dachshunds, German shepherds and bulldogs are just a select few that will show early signs of spine and joint problems and could greatly benefit from having a dog wheelchair when this begins to happen. Mobility aids have proven to bring an animals personality back to life, as being sick and injured impacts their mood. Dogs strive off of exercise and when that is taken away from them, they can become snappy and disobedient but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a handful or reasons why your pet could benefit from having a wheelchair but it’s always best to consult with your veterinarian before purchasing one.

Arthritis and Paralysis

Arthritis is very common in dogs, some more than others, and generally won’t occur until the animal is pretty old but when and if it does, a wheelchair will ease the pain of stiff and swollen joints while continuing daily exercise. Having a paralyzed animal is rough, even if they were born that way. If they weren’t, adjusting to this condition takes time and there might be a period where your dog is uninterested in doing much. Gentle encouragement and slow training when introducing the wheelchair will turn their mind frame around eventually. It won’t be long before you’re going on walks with your best workout buddy again.


Recovering from certain injuries or surgeries might go smoother with a mobility aid, as long as the dog isn’t pushing themselves too hard. Supervision is suggested, as a recovering animal will usually do more than they are capable of and could end up hurting themselves even more. Prolonged use of a wheelchair in animals that are expected to make full recoveries isn’t recommended. In doing so, certain muscles can weaken and in turn could extending the length of their recovery. Use them sparingly until your dog is in top shape.

Overall, there are many breeds of dog prone joint and spine issues like IVDD and finding solutions to these issues will help in maintaining a happy and fulfilling life for them. Wheelchairs ease pain, assist in recovery and make it a lot easier for your pet to get around the house, they’ll even allow for exercise again. If you’re struggling with a sick or aging dog and would like to make life easy for them, definitely look into all the benefits that a wheelchair can provide.