Health & Care Resources

  1. All Boxer Info: Taking care of boxers requires special instructions. Not all breeds should be cared for the same and this site will help you in finding the best ways to care for your boxer dog.
  2. Your Purebred Puppy: Before purchasing a purebred boxer, knowing the pros and cons of the breed will help in determining if it is the right choice for you.
  3. Doctor Foster and Smith: Highly educated, this website walks you through the first week of caring for your new puppy. Find out what is normal and what is not.
  4. Canadian Kennel Club: Just like the American version but solely Canadian. A great resource for all things dogs.
  5. Pet Education: Knowing how to care for puppies is important but for new breeders, knowing how to care for their mother is vital for maintaining puppy health.
  6. Rover: One of the largest dog care networks, Rover will connect you to people wanting to help you walk your dog or link you to reliable dog sitting folks!
  7. Pet Finder: This awesome website is more than just a pet locator but also provides great information in the care of your dog or cat!
  8. Pet Guide: Read through tons of content, ranging from breeds and health to products and insurance. They also have blogs and advice forums.

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