Trusted Boxer Breeding and Rescue


Porto Villa Dogs of St-Agnes-De-Dundee in Quebec, Canada is a proud member of both the Canadian Kennel Club and the Boxer Club of Canada. We focus on breeding the best boxer dogs for both showing and companionship. Our process involves the blending of the best traits in our dogs so that each puppy has the highest chance of a long life, with a loving personality. There are so many breeders out there that don’t take health into account or care to train their dogs properly. We take pride in what we do and guarantee the highest quality pups. Porto Villa’s main goal is maintain the boxer disposition through proper breeding techniques. We love this animal’s natural goofy personality and aim to capture that with every dog. While here, feel free to look through the site. We constantly update about our practices and love to give helpful resources to dog lovers everywhere!


So many boxer dogs come to us from all over Quebec. We are one of the most popular rescue locations and we believe it is because we are a no kill shelter. Every dog that comes to us gets a fair chance at finding a home. On site, we also have veterinarians to ensure maximum care for all our animals. We designed this site to help encourage people to bring us their boxers if they find themselves in a position where they must give up their companion. We specialize in this breed and truly understand how to care for them.


We have a lot of land here at Porto Villa and for nearly 13 years have opened up a great deal of our shelter to boarding all breeds of dogs for the traveling family. Our loving, highly knowledgeable and experiences staff will provide a fun experience for your dog during your vacation. We follow all guidelines you give us and have never had an accident during owner absence. Feel confident in your boarders and enjoy your trip with peace of mind, knowing your companion animal is safe and happy in the company of trusted caretakers. If you would like to reserve of spot for your dogs or learn about how you can adopt or buy a purebred boxer puppy, please head on over to our Inquire Here page. We love speaking to curious folks and answering any questions one might have. Thank you for visiting Porto Villa Dogs, we look forward to your email!